DayLife Block Party, September 2013

(Photo: Scott Lynch’s Flickr)

McCarren Park’s future continues to look brighter: last spring, its pedestrian path received a desperately-needed repaving; now, it’s set to expand by appropriating a street (which separates the track and dog run) as additional park grounds. [DNAinfo]

The State is pledging to make the South Williamsburg waterfront a little bit cleaner. [Brownstoner]
Longtime Tompkins Square Park fixture LES Jewels is said to have died. [EV Grieve]

The Joe Strummer mural has returned to the EV in 2D. [EV Grieve]

Councilman Stephen Levin is concerned about a plan to serve booze at the Urban Outfitters bound for Williamsburg: ““We must ask ourselves, ‘Do we really want people drunk when they are buying their skinny jeans and ironic t-shirts?’” [NY Daily News]

The old On Stellar Rays Gallery has become Julie Meneret Contemporary Art at 133 Orchard. [The Lo-Down]

A new café called El Rey opens Friday on Stanton Street. Despite its alcohol-dense location, the business obtained a license for beer and wine after working with the Lower East Side Dwellers and agreeing to early(ish) closing hours. [Bowery Boogie]

Six television shows are apparently six too many currently being filmed in Greenpoint. [Greenpointers]

It’s easy to forget about NYC’s long and storied history in a web-driven world; but a New York Press Photographer’s Association member brought the past into focus by superimposing historic events onto city streets as they stand today. [NY Daily News]