Serban Ionescu and David Nordine, Ludlow Street

Serban Ionescu and David Nordine, Ludlow Street (Photo: Scott Lynch’s Flickr)

The sixth annual Bushwick Film Festival will take place at Light Space Studios from October 3 to Oct. 6. Five full-length features and ten short films will be shown from local and international filmmakers; you can also take in live music, Q&As and some panel discussions. [Bushwick Daily]

All right, Single Brookynite Females, we know you think you’ve got a bad lot in the dating world but, apparently, you might be the problem. A survey determined you are the least likely subset of single females any-where to respond to messages from dudes who message you online. Or Brooklyn men are just terrible writers. [Brokelyn]
Got writer’s block? Learn how ten Brooklyn-based authors get around it, and about their favorite methods for spinning silky words. []

To celebrate Katz’s Deli’s 125th anniversary, you could go to East Houston and slurp some of their yummy matzo ball soup, or you could buy a book of photo essays called Katz’s: Autobiography of a Delicatessen, which documents its colorful history in 384 photographs. Totally up to you. [The Lo-Down]

Five Leaves, which half a decade ago was that new Heath Ledger restaurant in the middle of nowhere, has become the primary hub of Brooklyn socializing in five short years; today it celebrates its birthday with special “anniversary cocktails” for $10 a pop – which you probably can afford to pass up, but after you drink one of them, you’ll forget all about that. [Greenpointers]

At the TASTE Williamsburg Greenpoint fest this Sunday, you can do what you normally do with your weekend and chow on food from 40 ‘burg and ‘point restaurants, except all in the same place! And, your money will go toward the construction of the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center. That’s right, putting awesome food in your mouth will help someone else. [Free Williamsburg]

Oh, and some more Greenpoint festivities: here’s a look back at last week’s Greenpoint Gallery Night in photos. [Hyperallergic]