While skating up and down Manhattan’s east side every day, Borbay – artist and proud resident of Avenue C – started to pay special attention to the Domino Sugar factory. Its classic industrial outline and vintage signage called his name, not to mention the possibility of much of the complex’s impending demise to make way for massive development.

As any creative with a sense of the finite would do, Borbay set out to preserve the prominent relic in its original glory before human hands could come muss it all up. And, as a loyal Manhattanite, he made sure to do it from the perspective of his home isle while becoming chummy with the beer-guzzling regulars beneath the Williamsburg Bridge, which he uses as the image’s natural frame.

Borbay stopped by the B+B Newsroom today to install his recently completed 40” x 40” acrylic on canvas (as you might be able to tell from the colors, he’s a Mets fan) and share his thoughts on one of the city’s most fiercely contested development projects (there’s a Save Domino benefit show Wednesday at Kingsland Bar in Greenpoint). Watch the video above and pop into 155 Grand Street, off of Bedford Avenue, to see “Last Domino Standing” for yourself.