(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Cycle 10 of the Centre-Fuge Public Art Project is up on East First Street. Check out Scott Lynch’s photos above and in the Bedford + Bowery Flickr pool.

Dijital Fix, a fixture in the Bedford Avenue mini-mall since 2006, is the latest victim of North ‘Burg rent hikes (theirs will be nearly tripled) and will close up shop for good on September 29. But before they go, be sure to catch their clearance sale, starting today. [Free Williamsburg]

The owner of Painting Lounge in Williamsburg learned the hard way that people really do rely on alcohol to have a good time. After authorities put the kibosh on wanna-be artists bringing their own booze to sessions, the wanna-be artists stopped bringing themselves to lessons, too. [DNAinfo]

You could get all up in arms about North Williamsburg and all its glitsy-ness, or you could take a cue from this guy, and chill out, man. [NY Times]

This week, 200 Greenpointers met to discuss what to do with nearly $20 million received as a settlement with Exxon Mobile for an oil spill more than three decades ago that was more than three times bigger than the Exxon Valdez disaster — and that turned Newton Creek into a superfund. [Brooklyn Paper]