Centre-fuge Public Art Project, Cycle 9: Caroline Caldwell

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

You probably moved to Williamsburg to get away from your parents, but as the Wall Street Journal reports, a slew of baby boomers are moving into NYC’s “hipster neighborhoods.” Mommmm! [WSJ]

Actress Emma Roberts committed what is probably the only sin New York would never forgive — cutting the cronut line. [Runnin’ Scared]

Have you guys heard the one about how rents in New York are too damn high, making it all the more difficult to be a bohemian in the fashion of yesteryear’s idols? The Atlantic puts the lie to the idea that it was ever easy to be “bourgeois and artistic and bohemian” without a) inheriting a lot of money, or b) working a crappy job. [The Atlantic]

Meanwhile, The Times ponders the question, “Is New York Only for the Successful?” Anand Giridharadas posits that “New York is becoming a magnet for settlers looking to consolidate success rather than to find it. And the kind of success that takes a few patient, unglamorous generations in the Lower East Side and the gritty parts of Brooklyn to breed a Manhattan wunderkind like Woody Allen may be a kind that New York cedes to easier places.” [NYT]

Parkour came to Bushwick (a few months ago), and the New York Times is on it. [The New York Times]

A harbor seal was spotted in Williamsburg’s East River Park yesterday morning. Guess he heard that Brooklyn jumped the shark. [Gothamist]

And this is way cooler than some lame seal: someone spotted a peregrine falcon (a.k.a. the fastest member of the animal kingdom) in Greenpoint today. [Greenpointers]