As far as we can tell, the thefts are in no way related to the classic work of Italian neo-realist cinema.

There’s an old saying: don’t bite the hand that feeds you, and don’t steal their wheels either!

And yet a couple of weeks ago Alex Mitow, the owner of Los Perros Locos, posted a Facebook update about his bike disappearing from a fence on the Lower East Side. And this morning Betsy Maher, the owner of Pearl’s Social and Billy Club, and Benny Thomson, a bartender at Anchored Inn, had their two Suzuki motorbikes stolen from outside Thomson’s place at 62 Greenpoint Avenue. (Yep, more crime in Greenpoint…)

“Hell hath no fury…” commented Maher under an Instagram photo of the stolen bikes. Reactions ranged from “That is Fucked!!!!!” to “That is so beyond fucked!!!” (Although her Instagram name is “jerkbike,” so maybe she was asking for it?)

Sucks for these hard-working food-and-drink purveyors, but it seems local crooks don’t seem too interested in taking advantage of the CitiBike program.