Photo: Phillip Kalantzis Cope

Feel unsafe walking home at night in Greenpoint, what with all the disturbing behavior in the neighborhood? Jay Ruiz, founder of the borough’s popular two-wheeled escort service, Brooklyn Bike Patrol, said Greenpointers shouldn’t hesitate to call for a cycle home. Ruiz also encourages local volunteers to put their own bikes to good use. [Greenpointers]

The mystery of the dead shark on the N train yesterday has been solved: photos surfaced from earlier in the day of kids on Brighton Beach holding the fanged fish, which had purportedly washed to shore. A report provided by a family friend assured that it was, indeed, the same shark. [Gothamist]

New Talk City – a blog founded by Cat Agonis of Bushwick Daily and author of Chicken on the Hudson – launches today. The site will include “a lot of personal essays about all the crazy shit that goes on [in NYC],” according to Agonis, and anything “funny and relevant to Urban Life.” Join Agonis and crew tonight at Kings County at 8 p.m. for a party… and start sharpening your story-writing pencils. [Bushwick Daily]

Tim Hayes, current owner of the former CBGB space calls the just-released trailer for Hollywood’s take on the legendary punk club a “love letter” to past owner Hilly Kristal. Get ready to sit back, relax and mentally replace all those weirdly-smooth celebrity faces with the more naturally weathered mugs of pre-gentrification punk rockers. [Gothamist]

Speaking of pre-gentrification, check out this post-apocalyptic-like footage of late 1980s EV and the LES. Things were “sparse” but not in that “curated” kind of way, and pedestrians (or, people walking outside) didn’t seem to be in vogue. [Bowery Boogie]