Skal is coming along nicely, wouldn't you say? (Photo: Anna Silman)

Skal is coming along nicely, wouldn’t you say? (Photo: Anna Silman)

First Aska, then Torst, then Luksus, and now… Skal.

Few details have been released about the Nordic restaurant opening at 37 Canal Street. But as you can see from our photo, the revamp of the former Les Enfants Terribles space is well underway. Owner Olibjorn Stephensen, who’s been mum so far, is holding an open call this afternoon for “waiters with experience in New York City,” so it’s safe to say he’s amping up for a big opening sometime soon.

This is the fourth Scandi spot to open in the B+B periphery of late. Across the Williamsburg Bridge and behind Tørst beer bar on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Luksus opened its doors this past Tuesday to much fanfare and a full house of advance bookings, which seems like it might be the norm for the foreseeable future.

Skal (Photo: Anna Silman)

Skal (Photo: Anna Silman)

Less than an hour after the restaurant tweeted yesterday that it had added a few extra seatings for its $75 tasting menu, they had vanished* (the retweet from David Chang probably helped). Now the soonest you can get a table (so long as you don’t mind eating at 6:30 p.m.) is August 3.

Tørst and Luksus follow in the wake of Aska, an upscale Scandinavian spot that opened this past winter in Williamsburg’s Kinfolk Studios and has the third most expensive tasting menu in Brooklyn. The good news is, despite good reviews those tables aren’t that hard to secure these days.

*Full disclosure: we snagged one of them. We’ll let you know how it goes.