After getting a shoutout from Questlove and being called “the most brutal sixth grade metal band ever, ever, ever, ever” by Noisey, Unlocking the Truth has seen their preteen profile rise over the summer.

So anticipation was high when the 11- and 12-year-olds hit Cameo Gallery last night to unlock their crushing fusion of metal and hardcore, highlighted by thick heavy metal riffs, assaultive hardcore drums, and brutally epic breakdowns.

Except — what the what? Guitarist Brickhouse emerged from the backstage area with his fretwork arm in a cast. He broke it falling off the monkey bars.

It turned out not to matter: Brickhouse and drummer Jarad Dawkins (who formed their first band, Tears of Blood, when they were just about 5 years old) locked in with bassist Alec Atkins (who they met in daycare) and burned through thirteen songs with a well-honed precision you’d expect from musicians twice their age. They had choreographed routines, too: jumping in unison, headbanging in unison, throwing their heads back as if undergoing an exorcism in unison while still, incredibly, shredding.

The uninitiated viewer might be tempted to say Unlocking the Truth is cute. But not after experiencing the almighty crushiness of  songs like “Fear the Night”, “Destruction” and “Monster.”

Sadly they had to cut their set a couple of numbers short because Brickhouse said he was “losing feeling” in his fingers, but there’ll be plenty of opportunity to hear more when they release their debut EP this summer. In the meantime, enjoy this classic performance near Times Square.