(Photo: Anna Silman)

(Photo: Anna Silman)

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? That seems to be the operating idea behind Twister frozen yogurt, a 16 Handles clone which recently unveiled its signage at Second Avenue near East 7th Street.

The owner, Steve (he declined to give his last name, affirming our suspicions that fro-yo chains are all grand mafioso conspiracies) told us that the new self-serve venture will be “basically the same concept as 16 Handles,” which is just a few blocks north — but cleaner, more spacious and “a little bit cheaper.” And no doubt, nowhere near as mobbed.

Twister is the second of a chain (the first is over in Long Island) and the new outpost is slated to open in two weeks or so. While we may be starting to get fro-yo deja vu, the space itself looks like a nice enough spot for a dessert break, with the usual shimmering mosaic walls and a large back-room for extra seating.

“I think they need a good frozen yogurt over here,” explained Steve. “There’s only 16 Handles and Pinkberry.” (And Yogurt Station… and…)

Why not give the people what they want?