Sometimes, the universe works in strange ways – at least, it did for Eddie Cedeno, who opened Strangeways in Bushwick today.

Cedeno — previously a manager, roaster and green coffee buyer at Oslo — had been dreaming about opening his own café ever since he started roasting at Gorilla Coffee eight years ago. And then, in January, Oslo burnt down. Cedeno, who had just turned 29, figured it was time to bring his neighborhood the coffee shop he felt it needed.
“It felt like this was a sign,” said Cedeno. “There’s this weighing feeling you have when you’re about to turn 30. It seemed like the right moment to move on.” So he teamed up with investors Zachary Nathanson and Salvatore Fristensky (of Williamsburg watering holes Lucky Dog and Skinny Dennis) and in three zippy months turned a former hair salon into a cafe.
From 7 a.m. till 7 p.m., seven days a week, Strangeways will serve single-origin-only brews (no blends) and prepare them in all the ways you’d wanna drink specialty coffee: there’s a pour-over bar with a Hario cone that uses both paper and metal filters; there’s an AeroPress; and there’s a tasty Ethiopian Yirgacheffe espresso, plus all your other standard coffee drinks.
The beans are sourced from responsible green farmers in Central and South America and roasted by Oslo using a custom profile. And (great news!), if you get the munchies, you can devour baked goods from saliva-inducing Dough.
So does the coffee shop have any strange ways? Well, there’s a communal table that encourages actual human interaction and (wait till you get a hold of this) no WiFi. But come on, we all could use a little more face and a little less screen time.
Strangeways, 87 St. Nicholas Ave., nr. Suydam St., Bushwick