Frank Carter (l) and Jim Carroll in Edinburgh (Photo: Pure Love's Instagram)

Frank Carter (l) and Jim Carroll in Edinburgh (Photo: Pure Love’s Instagram)

Before Pure Love goes on tour to support their debut album (Anthems was released by Mercury Records earlier this year) they’ll play their very first U.S. show tonight at Saint Vitus.

You might recognize frontman Frank Carter as the Londoner with the neck tats, who often got bloodied up during his performances with Gallows. He probably won’t leave the stage needing stitches tonight: Pure Love’s rock sound is more refined — but no less energetic, thanks in part to guitarist Jim Carroll, who also boasts a punk pedigree via his stints in Hope Conspiracy and Suicide File.

Carroll, a Boston expat, has called Greenpoint his home for several years. He sat down with us to talk about his pure loves in the neighborhood, starting with the place he’s playing tonight: “the heavy metal version of Cheers.”

1. Saint Vitus
This place tends to be where I go for “one last drink” and then end up staying until close. The bartenders are always quick to refill your glass or accompany you during a karaoke version of Saigon Kick’s “Love is on the Way.” It also helps that they’re actually a good new music venue that tends to get bands that don’t suck to play there.

2. Red Star
Red Star is a sports bar that I find myself at less to watch sports and more to eat their wings. Sports are great and this is a good place to watch a Pats game, but their chicken wings are just incredible. They’ve set the standard for what I look for in a wing. I recommend getting them naked with hot sauce on the side. I’m hungry.

3. Pure Qi Regimen Spa and Worksong Acupuncture
Playing in bands since I was 16 means that my body hates me. When I was transitioning into my 30s, I started really noticing that post-show aches and pains were turning into everyday aches and pains. I started going to these two spots regularly and it’s done wonders. One of the great things about New York is that there are no shortage of massage and acupuncture spots. These two are right down the street from my house and they are reasonably priced and very clean.

4. Go Yoga
OK, so this place is technically in Williamsburg but fuck it, I spend a lot of time there so I’m going to put it on this list. This also goes along with the subject of me trying to do some good things to balance out how shitty I treat my body most of the time. I love this studio. I’m there five days a week and it’s helped me a whole hell of a lot since I’ve started practicing regularly two years ago. Namaste, motherfucker.

5. Calexico
It’s tough to get good Mexican food in New York. Some might say impossible. However, I would say that this place does a pretty damn good job. This is our go-to meeting place when we need to have any sort of band-related discussions. It’s always easier to talk about stuff when accompanied by a beer and a burrito.