On Saturday, Astor Place became home to the second annual Witchsfest USA, a free Pagan street fair hosted by the NYC Wiccan Family Temple that aimed to raise funds to build a temple for the city’s Wiccan community.

The celebration, inspired by London’s Witchfest International, was pretty small — just a few tents set up on one block. I actually found myself asking someone, “Where’s Witchsfest located in relation to Kmart?” But attractions such as an astrology workshop, belly dancing class, and countless tarot readers managed to draw a small coven of people.

The average attendee was in his or her early twenties, and wore either all black or followed the encouraged Summer Solstice theme and dressed as a fairy. Some passersby joined in and danced along to the tunes of self-proclaimed Indian Pop Diva, Shakti, who performed at the fair.

Vendors sold mystical merchandise like crystal balls and herbs, while the other booths were occupied with covens happily promoting their practices through free literature, psychic readings, or group lectures. The only things missing from the event were black cats and our favorite East Village Witch store, Enchantments.

Browse through our slideshow to see some of the spell-worthy action for yourself.