afa986c18651217ecd33e4ddd0c3879c-1Not every Brooklyn band is an overnight success story: it’s easy to forget that some have been chipping away at their craft for years.

Take Desert Stars. They’ve been on the scene with different lineups for almost five years now (full disclosure: my old band played their first show), but the album out today, “Habit Shackles,” is their first full-length release. And it’s a doozy: listen to the single we’ve secured for you below and you may find yourself canceling plans to get to the album release party at Cameo tonight.

“I never thought in a million years I would hold it in my hand,” said singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Janelle Best, whose bedroom at Lorimer and Metropolitan doubles as the band’s practice space. “It’s like having a baby, you know? We all put so much hard work and love into it.”

This is music somehow simultaneously capable of putting you in a meditative trance and making you feel like you could crush the world in the palm of your hand: the sound — described by Best as “melodic and blissed-out” — is thick with reverb and laden with eerie yet catchy-as-hell harmonies.


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(Photo: Jerome Corpuz)

“We try to keep it beautiful, and emotional and a little dark,” said Best. “Initially when Carrie [Ashley Hill] came into the band she was like, ‘It’s an Aztec thundercloud in the sky with a tepee!’ So, that’s the kind of stuff we were going for but [now] we just get in there and try to do harmonies and melodies and keep it really simple, but yet [we] go for it.”

Tonight’s show at Cameo Gallery will also feature Shining Mirrors, See Through, and a DJ set by Caveman. What’s next for Best and her other bandmates, guitarist Eric Altesleben and drummer Gregg Giuffré? “I really want to go out and play a lot more shows and travel,” she said. “That’s the goal here. But who knows, the sky is the limit, right? Let’s just go for it. I mean, we pretty much are going for it.”