Corpus Christi celebration

(Photo: Timothy Krause)

A 22-year-old intern at Vaute Couture, a vegan clothing store in Williamsburg, is suing cops over an intimate stop and frisk. [Gothamist]

A 55-year-old mother of one was saved by alert cops after she jumped in the East River yesterday. [NY Post]
A woman was found dead in her East 12th Street apartment with bruising on her arms and face. No foul play is suspected. [NY Daily News]

An East Village couple bought a Bed Stuy loft for $1 million because it looked as run-down as the EV of yore. [NY Post]

The owner of a dog-on-dog attack victim wants you to sign a petition to hold the offending dog owner accountable for the killer white shepherd. [Greenpointers]

A Newtown Creek Alliance-sponsored canoe trip reveals more birds have returned to the polluted waterway despite heavy lingering filth, like human excrement. [Greenpointers]