They’re a band of gender-bending, “gun”-toting, bona fide badasses. The women of 5 Boro Ladies Arm Wrestling gathered Saturday at 3rd Ward for their fifth brawl since the all-female group emerged in 2011.

Eight damsels in disguise, flanked by their entourages, tried to elbow their way to the top. Rules were broken, bribing was encouraged, and spandex abounded. In the end Brandy Perry, a.k.a. Killa Bee, created quite a buzz with her effortless victory over the other contenders. Rumor has it she’ll be competing in the next nationwide brawl.

Alie Cirgenski, the Mistress of Ceremonies, said of Saturday’s event, “Part of it is competition, but really it’s about raising money.” Proceeds went to Shore Soup, Rockaway Rescue Alliance, which provides free meals for the Rockaway community.