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Revok and Pose bomb the Houston Bowery Wall

Scott Lynch was kind enough to drop the above photo into Bedford + Bowery’s Flickr pool. Artists Revoke and Pose were working on the latest Bowery Wall mural last night.

Today, a man went in to Molasses Books today asking to an exchange an Oscar Wilde book he’d bought because he “didn’t know he was gay.” Looks like somebody won’t be celebrating today’s SCOTUS victory. [Daily Intel]

Down with Slurpees! Tomorrow night, the much-maligned 7-Eleven is hosting an open forum to solicit community input prior to the opening of the new 7-Eleven on Grand Street. [The Lo Down]

Last night, Community Board 3 approved a resolution in support of co-naming a section of Elizabeth Street – between Canal and Bayard – in memory of Danny Chen, the Chinatown Native and U.S. Army Private who took his own life in Afghanistan in 2011 after months of racist taunting and abuse. [The Lo-Down]

BrisketTown got its liquor license today. To celebrate, the Williamsburg barbecue joint is hosting a party on Friday night featuring $2 Shiner Bocks, a new bar menu, and Texas-style “hot gut sausages,” whatever those are.  [Eater NY]

More foodie news: in the next few weeks, organic ice-creamery Luca & Bosco Ice Cream will be setting up a permanent outpost at the Essex Street Market. [The Lo-Down]

According to a report released yesterday, the McCarren Park Pool Restoration is beating the Barclays center in terms of stimulating commercial real-estate activity and prices in nearby areas. Sorry, Hova. (We still love you.) [Brownstoner]