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(Photo: Joe Raskin)

The East Village, Alphabet City, Midtown South – seems that no one really knows what to call the area east of Third Avenue and north of Houston anymore. But it turns out that this ontological crisis is nothing new. Flaming Pablum traces the evolving nomenclature of, uh, whatever we’re calling this neighborhood now. [Flaming Pablum]

Massey Knakal Realty is marketing a parcel along the Greenpoint East River waterfront. Check that; it’s in the East River. It is literally underwater. But the good news is that “the lot presents a unique opportunity for waterfront development,” as the listing puts it. The price? A cool $2.5 million. []

At least one Hasidic Jew seems to have taken to heart Slate‘s advice about embracing the Internet, by logging into Reddit over the weekend to participate in an Ask Me Anything session, answering questions from “Are you my landlord?” to more thoughtful queries about how the Hasidic community feels about North Brooklyn’s gentrification. [Reddit]

On that note! Developer Isack Rosenberg and his brother Abraham have put a controversial Williamsburg waterfront residential development on the market. Back in 2009, City Councilman Stephen Levin, supported by many residents in the area, opposed the Rosenbergs’ plan to rezone the site, leading to disagreement between rival factions of Hasidim’s Satmar sect over what to do with it. Seems like selling is the best option. [ via WSJ]

BGSQD, a popular pop-up queer bookstore, is ending its run in the Lower East Side after nearly ten months. They’re currently looking for a new permanent space. [The Lo-Down]

Brooklyn’s first food trade show (somehow there’s never been one?!?) is coming to South Williamsburg on Wednesday. Brooklyn Eats is hosted by the borough Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Edible, and features more than 100 established and young vendors along with cooking demos and culinary speakers. [DNAinfo]

And this one’s for the ladies: Taylor Lautner was spotted on the Lower East Side today, filming his new movie, “Tracers.” [The Lo-Down]