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Scott Lynch

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Yesterday morning, the Bedford Avenue L train platform looked like McCarren Park during Northside: crowded with sweaty people. That’s because the L trains weren’t going into Manhattan, due to, apparently, electrical malfunctions that messed up the signals. The good news (for cabbies, anyway)? It might keep happening! [WNYC]

Citi-Bikes could make their debut in Brooklyn neighborhoods facing extensive subway outages. [New York Daily News]
Brownstoner has a photo of nascent construction on the third and final Northside Pier Tower, a 40-story, 510-unit rental building. [Brownstoner]

A vegan Ethiopian pop-up cafe in Bushwick is making the transformation into a full-fledged restaurant, speakeasy and performance space. [DNAinfo]

If you didn’t already, you probably live in a flood evacuation zone, according to a new report issued by the city (especially if you’re reading this site!) [Capital New York]

Forget about NYU Abu Dhabi: the Times reports that the university has given at least five faculty members and president John Sexton loans for vacation homes in places like the Hamptons and Fire Island. []