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Here’s a Long Lost Mike Patton Interview, to Mark Faith No More’s Return

IMG_4299So, Faith No More’s comeback album Sol Invictus just debuted at #14 on the Billboard 200 – a hell of an accomplishment for a rock band these days, even if it isn’t quite enough for “album of the year” status (then again, FNM already has an Album of the Year). With the band set to play Madison Square Garden in August, I remembered that sometime around 1998-99, I interviewed frontman Mike Patton for a zine I was trying to put together for the old Knitting Factory, back when it was in Tribeca. The zine didn’t end up happening, so the conversation was never published, but I recently dug up the tape and gave it a listen.

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Watch the Melvins Cover the Butthole Surfers With Sir Gibby Haynes Himself

The Melvins played House of Vans in Greenpoint last night and we still haven’t recovered our hearing. Among the reasons: Dale Crover, looking half his age thanks to a Justin Bieber haircut, was joined on the double drums by newcomer Coady Willis (well, relative newcomer: he’s been drumming with the Melvins for some years, but we’re talking about a band that’s been pummeling audiences for three decades. Kurt Cobain drove them to shows back when Nirvana was something only Buddhists talked about.)
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