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Here’s Who Got Kim Jong-Un Haircuts at Bushwick Open Studios


L to R: Katie Grace McGowan and her subject. (Photo: Goran Butorac)

If you saw the poster advertising “free Kim Jong-Un haircuts” at Bushwick Open Studios this past weekend, you probably thought: is this for real? and would anyone actually get their hair trimmed “in accordance with the socialist lifestyle”? The answer is yes and yes.
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Tonight at Bushwick’s Newest Gallery, High-Tech Art and Bottom-Shelf Beer

Get ready for Michael Potvin’s next Bushwick project. The light installation and video artist behind the recently shuttered Steel Drums warehouse is opening Stream Gallery tonight. The premiere exhibition is a pop-up project called PowrPlnt that will occupy the space for the next two months. PowrPlnt’s first iteration will feature the work of several new media artists, and an evening of music and (rumor has it) free beer left over from Steel Drums.
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Don’t Tell This Artist to Smile When You Visit Her Studio This Weekend

(Photo: Kirsten O'Regan)

(Photo: Kirsten O’Regan)

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is not what you would call strident—an obnoxious word too often (smirklingly) associated with women who care about gender equality. The artist responsible for the Stop Telling Women to Smile project is polite and soft-spoken, and she also happens to be wearing a t-shirt that proudly reads, “Feminist as Fuck.”
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‘There’s Beautiful Light’: Meryl Meisler’s Snapshots of Disco-Era Bushwick

(All photos: Meryl Meisler)

The ’70s were a wild time to be in Bushwick: following a major blackout in 1977, shops and homes were devastated in a wave of riots and looting. Meryl Meisler began teaching art at a public school there in 1981 and spent her early adulthood capturing both the hedonistic disco scene of Manhattan and the bombed-out streets of de-industrializing North Brooklyn. The native New Yorker’s snapshots, taken during the height of the city’s crack epidemic, will go on display Friday as part of Bushwick Open Studios.
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Bushwick Open Studios Guide: How to Do BOS Like a Boss

Tim Kent's home studio at last year's BOS. (Photo: Alexandria Glorioso)

Tim Kent’s home studio at last year’s BOS. (Photo: Alexandria Glorioso)

Bushwick Open Studios is happening this weekend and once again local artists will open their private studio doors to the public for a few days of art consumption, mingling, and performances. This year’s 600 related events stretch all the way from Decatur Street to just north of Grand. But don’t freak out just yet, because we’ve planned a pretty solid weekend for you below.
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As Galleries Get Booted From an Artists Haven, Some Fight and Others Look Ahead

(Photo: Jenna Marotta)

(Photo: Jenna Marotta)

With Bushwick Open Studios just a couple of weeks away, the landlord of 17-17 Troutman Street — one of the annual festival’s anchors — has demanded that four galleries vacate the building, telling a fifth that it can no longer use its space to display art to the public.
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Talking East Village-Bushwick With the Bi-Borough Producers of Slideluck


The concept is kind of irresistible: a free dinner followed by a slideshow of local artwork. The Slideluck Potshow [the former Slideluck Potshow has rebranded as just Slideluck] began in photographer Casey Kelbaugh’s backyard in Seattle in 2000, expanded to Amsterdam, Nairobi, Bogota and beyond, and it’s coming to Bushwick this Thursday. This year, it’ll feature the work of 25 Bushwick and East Williamsburg-based artists (their names are below), one of which will be selected for a solo show at the Living Gallery in October. Bring a homemade potluck dish and you’ll get two raffle tickets for goodies from local businesses.
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