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Performance Picks: Dystopian Theater, A C.R.E.A.M. Afternoon, and More


(image via The Nova Experiment / Facebook)

Thursday, January 24 at Eris Evolution, 8 pm: $11 advance, $15 doors

The average show in Brooklyn—comedy, burlesque, music, and beyond—seems to have gotten a touch more diverse in recent years, but it’s still common to walk into a venue and see predominantly white faces staring back. That’s not the case at burlesque performer Stella Nova’s EthnoGraphic, a variety show featuring exclusively performers of color. As Nova does burlesque herself, the lineup is filled with striptease and pasties, with acts from Abby Fantastic, Fox Squire, and Lady Mabuhay, as well as slam poet Omar Holman and comedian Lauren Clark. Keep Reading »

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Catch France’s Crème de la Crème (For Free!) at the France Rocks Summerfest

Israeli-French singer/songwriter Yael Naim. (Photo courtesy FranceRocks)

Israeli-French singer/songwriter Yael Naim. (Photo courtesy France Rocks)

Voilà! The inaugural France Rocks Summerfest or should we say, France Des Roches Fest D’été (no, no we shouldn’t) kicked off Memorial Monday with a performance by “guitar orchestra” composer Rhys Chatham, and continues on June 3 with a performance at Le Poisson Rouge by French pianist and composer Maxence Cyrin (known for his solo piano covers; check out his 2009 cover of “Where Is My Mind” by The Pixies). The seven-week showcase of French music will include more than 30 musical acts performing a range of indie rock, pop, electronica, jazz and world rhythms at more than 25 venues across Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

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Live Rock and Roll Karaoke at Arlene’s

When you get on stage with the Arlene’s World Famous Live Rock and Roll Karaoke Band, you know they’ve got your back — they’ve gotten drop-ins from Sebastian Bach, Adrian Grenier, Jim Carrey (who did Radiohead’s “Creep”), and they regularly perform at SNL after-parties. These guys might just know the solos to some GNR songs better than Slash.

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Your Favorite Subway Musicians Are Going to Be Living the High Life

Dan Pierson was in awe of Robert Leslie when he heard him playing in the Second Avenue F station for quarters. But instead of dropping a bill in the British-born performer’s guitar case and moving along, he took his card and invited him to perform at the apartment-warming party he was throwing on his Brooklyn Heights roof.
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