(Photo by Kavitha Surana)

WGRL’s recording studio is inside this Airstream trailer (Photo by Kavitha Surana)

“The world of podcasting is really white and really male-dominated if you look at the charts,” said Julia Furlan, the founder of Buzzfeed Audio. She was reflecting on the state of women in media after the official launch for Where Girl Radio Lives (WGRL), the podcast of the Lower East Side Girls Club. “The people who really started it out were these tech nerds 10 or 15 years ago. Now the industry is getting bigger and more diverse and more exciting– but it doesn’t happen by accident.”

This afternoon Furlan, along with eight other accomplished female radio producers and media insiders, gathered at the WGRL podcast kick off. So much for those tired all-male panel excuses that there just aren’t enough ladies out there.

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