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Composers of Color, Macaulay Returns to Shea Stadium, and More Performance Picks


(image via Joe’s Pub)

Lift Every Voice
Wednesday, April 12 at Joe’s Pub, 9:30 pm: $20-30

Musical Theater Factory, a production company created by Difficult People actress and multi-hyphenate Shakina Nayfack, presents this concert of songs penned by musical theater composers of color. The show is curated by members of MTF’s People of Color Roundtable, one of two regularly occurring “representation round tables” that provide a forum for people in marginalized groups to share new composition and creative work.

If you dare say musical theater is so predominantly white because there aren’t many other types of writers out there, this show will surely prove you wrong. Lift Every Voice will be showcasing over 15 composers in just one night, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg in regards to the wide array of non-white writers and composers working to breathe new life into the genre today. More →

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Catching Up With Vic Sin, Bushwick’s Prodigal Boylesque Star

Stephen Plante (Vic Sin) in his Vienna Boylesque Festival costume. (Photo courtesy Stephen Plante)

Stephen Plante (Vic Sin) in his Vienna Boylesque Festival costume. (Photo courtesy Stephen Plante)

Back in February we told you about how far Bushwick-based boylesque performer Stephen Plante (Vic Sin) was willing to go to fund his trip to the Vienna Boylesque Festival, pledging his body for “one night only” in return for a $3,000 donation. He told us it was “a joke, but at the same time, is it possible? Yeah.” Well, he reached his goal (without having to go full-on Pretty Woman), performed in Vienna, England and France, and now he’s back, with footage of his festival performance and a mission: to make the New York City arts scene more family-friendly. He’ll still be stripping, but he wants to do it with more support from other artists, both on and off of the stage.

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