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Tropical Goth presents: Publicist, Shredder

So usually we’re not much for DJs, but we break our own rules when they’re actually getting those knobs turnt. And we extra break our rules when we think something super rad is gonna be popping at Elvis Guest House. There’s a dance party going down presented by Tropical Goth, which means it’s gonna get freakin’ sweaty in there, guys. Thankfully the place resembles a giant bath tub, so we don’t think anyone will much mind.
Ultimate Goth Guide proto-pioneered “tropical goth” way back in 2011, but it wouldn’t be until years later that Brooklyn caught up with the blogosphere. A couple of Bossa Nova’s live-in DJs branched out to start their own series, Tropical Goth, that so far has thrown some nasty parties (see: one last month at TBA). They’ve certainly proven they can fill up large venues, but can they keep the festivities quality in a small-quantity space? We’re gonna go with probz. See: Publicist, bringer of minimalist house, dark techno vibes and Shredder, which reigns over the night with their caught-in-the-machine, straight up Satanic disco nightmares. Bring your riding crop, this one’s gonna get buck.
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Shows: Trip Metal Metastasizing and Sweaty Dance Party in a Bathtub


Here’s to hoping you took this past weekend to cram your butt, beach umbrellas, and coolers full of malt liquor onto the A train, also known as the Express Train to Beach Salvation. Lord knows nearly all of Brooklyn decided this was the way to go. I’ve got the bite marks to prove it. If you didn’t get your Rockaway kicks in along with the rest of us, chances are you’re gonna miss out big time on a weekend of epic gigs on the horizon. Trust us, this is the time to play hooky, because how else are you possibly going to realize your Best Summer Ever without skipping out on your earthly responsibilities? You’ve really dug yourself a hole, haven’t you? Here are the shows happening this week that’ll get you out of it.

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