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Tourist Tally: 1 in 3 People On Bedford Avenue Are Not From Around Here

Noora and Nuutti Tiovoneni, from Finland (Jaime Cone)

Noora and Nuutti Tiovoneni, from Finland (Jaime Cone)

With hotels, Airbnbs, and gifty boutiques popping up all over Williamsburg to serve an influx of out-of-towners, one has to wonder: how many people strolling Bedford Avenue at a given time are locals, and how many are tourists? To answer that question, we posted up outside of the Bedford station and polled over 300 passersby. Our findings: 1 in 3 people we spoke to were from outside of New York City (about half of those visitors were Europeans), while just 1 in 4 of them actually lived in Williamsburg. As one of Williamsburg’s many French tourists might say: “Mon dieu!”

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