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Performance Picks: Drag, Science, Neurodivergence


(flyer via The Dirty Blondes / Facebook)

Thursday, May 31 at Le Poisson Rouge, 7 pm: $35

Everyone likes drag. Well, maybe not everyone, but it’s certainly been having a mainstream moment lately, so it’s safe to assume more people like drag than ever before. If you’d like to see some drag, there are many places you can go in the city, but tonight you can specifically go to Le Poisson Rouge, where an array of colorful performers such as Bear Lee Legal, Glace Chase, Chris Tyler, Dynasty, and Donald C. Shorter Jr will be giving shows, shows, shows to help raise money for feminist theater company The Dirty Blondes. The show’s Facebook event proclaims “bodies will dance, drinks will flow and gender norms will be smashed,” which sounds like a recipe for a nice night to me. And yes, I know Drag Race is also tonight, but you can just watch it later. More →

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Week in Music: Retail Finds Life After Dead, Bands Raise Dough for Planned Parenthood

(Flyer via Glass Gang/ Facebook)

(Flyer via Glass Gang/ Facebook)

The Range, Glass Gang, Sarah Kinlaw, IMAGIST, Kathleen Dycaico
Tuesday November 29, 8 pm at Elvis Guest House: $10 minimum donation

Prepare for some straightforward, vaguely uplifting dance music from the The Range aka James Hinton, a Brooklyn-based producer/ electronic musician with a penchant for sped-up, Chipmunks-style vocal samples and dreamy soundscapes. Glass Gang sounds like TV on the Radio shed any remaining remnants of rock n’ roll music and fully embraced their electronic pop music side.

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