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Watch Mr. Throwback Go-Kart Back Through Time

Everyone’s favorite connoisseur of all things retro and nostalgic, Mr. Throwback, gives us his weekly blast from the past.

Whether you’re a Toad, a Peach or a Bowser, most agree that Super Mario Kart is one of if not the best video games of all time (According to Guinness it is. They granted the Super Mario Kart series top billing in their top 50 console games. The rankings were awarded based on “initial impact and lasting legacy”). Launched in Japan on August 27, 1992, the game features Mario, Luigi and their pals fighting for first and deploying red shells at anyone who stands in their way. Watch as Mr. Throwback takes on the classic Mario circuit with his preferred character, Toad.

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Reel Psyched: Our Northside and L.E.S* Film Festival Picks

Introducing “Reel Psyched,” wherein we tell you what we’re really excited to see in the theaters this week.
With the Lower East Side Film Festival in full swing in Manhattan and the Northside Festival’s film program popping off tonight in Brooklyn, it’s a good time to be a film buff.

At the L.E.S* Film Festival, which kicked off Thursday and continues through the weekend, offerings from up-and-coming directors are judged by a panel of guests including celebrities like Judah Friedlander (“30 Rock”) and Dan Janvey (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”). The audience favorite gets a $2,000 check from Vimeo (ahem, Bedford + Bowery’s video player of choice).
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