(Flyer via Knockdown Center/ 'Nasty Women' & 'Stay Nasty')

(Flyer via Knockdown Center/ ‘Nasty Women’ & ‘Stay Nasty’)

Stay Nasty 
Thursday January 12 through Sunday January 15 at Knockdown Center: first night free, $10 individual, $20 all access pass

Earlier we told you about Nasty Women, the massive new exhibition bringing a whopping 1,000 pieces of art made by 700 artists (all of them women and female-identifying) to Knockdown Center this Friday. The organizers have lined up a “very diverse” group for the everything’s-for-sale exhibition (if you buy it, you get to drag it out the door with you that day), which pretty much guarantees a feeding frenzy. Sounds scary? Well, suck it up and relish in the competition because, seriously, when’s the last time you truly got excited about anything? Plus, if you can bring yourself to cough up a hundo bill–at the very most, since the art work must be priced at $100 or less (yup, that even applies to the fancy sparkly art stars involved in the show)– you can feel like a somewhat sorta decent half-human because all the proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood.

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