(Photo: Caris Reid)

Alan Del Rio Ortiz painted by Caris Reid.

What do Florence and the Machine, St. Vincent, Smith Westerns, Drowners, and Spector have in common? Alan Del Rio Ortiz has directed videos for all of them. (Also, they are all insanely talented.)

You probably saw the clip of Solange performing at a laundromat near Barclays Center earlier this week. Yep, Del Rio Ortiz shot that one too. While the 30-year-old filmmaker specializes in music videos, his portfolio also includes live concerts, tour videos, a documentary special on Blood Orange, and several short film collaborations with Slutever’s Karley Sciortino. He’s spending his summer shooting a series of live performances (including the Solange one) as part of the Uncapped series for Vitaminwater/The Fader.
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