I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling like I’ve come down with a fever of sorts– SPRING FEVER that is. But truly, there’s something in the air as the seasons change. Remember that first warm weekend back in April? The really violent one? Well, according to some studies violent crime is more common in the summer months, meaning as the temperature boils, so do tempers. Strange, coz we’re feeling nothing but bliss right now. At one point all this hullabaloo about “the L train set” packing up and leaving to live under the sunny skies of LA might have made us feel left out. Hell, if I’d read such slander back when I was still hoofing it through the graffitied garbage-snow, perhaps I too would have resorted to green-eyed violence. But now that it’s beautiful out, I can scoff at all those stylists, tattooers, and Jemima Kirke wannabes who moved to LA LA Land because no matter what the Times says, in terms of culture, we still got it. Right kids? Our weekly show report is proof of that if nothing else.

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