B Boys (Photo via Baby's All Right)

B Boys and who? (Photo via Baby’s All Right/ Photoshop trix by Nicole Disser)

Secret Show 
Wednesday, Jan. 27, 10 pm at Baby’s All Right: $15 at the door

We’re not really all that into surprises. The chances of looking your birthday best after busting open your apartment door to find a surprise party are pretty low, especially considering it’s the one day each year that you leave your pants unbuttoned all the way from the dollar slice place back home. And let’s be real, those grab-bag things are usually filled with plastic dinosaurs, expired condoms, and airplane bottles, anyway– things only a child could love. But when Baby’s All Right threw another one of these secret shows back in December, they gifted us Blood Orange. And even though it would be kind of a not-surprise surprise, we’d be totally cool with another Blood Orange show.

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