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Thousands Rally For Planned Parenthood in the Face of Anti-Abortion Demonstration

Back-to-back demonstrations in support of Planned Parenthood brought thousands to the Village on Saturday, with some 200 Pro-Choice advocates squaring off against a scattering of abortion foes outside the Margaret Sanger Center on Bleecker Street, followed by a much larger rally in Washington Square Park.

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500 Years of Struggle and Resistance in Mexico: A Discussion

In 1994, with the signing of NAFTA, the Zapatistas—a revolutionary leftist group—emerged in Chiapas, under the aegis of Subcomandante Marcos. Chiapas is an impoverished agrarian region in southeastern Mexico, and the anti-capitalist movement’s base is made up of indigenous people eager to thwart the state’s military, paramilitary and corporate incursions into the mountainous region. Join activists fromLa Universidad de La Tierra en Oaxaca (University of the Earth) and the collective Veredas Autonomous (Autonomous Trails) for a discussion of the history and future of social struggles, in Mexico and across the world.