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Peep It If You Missed It: Mortals’ New Music Video ‘View From a Tower’

Last week we caught up with Elizabeth Cline, guitarist for the band Mortals, right before the band’s album release show at the Acheron. We’re certain Mortals ripped their audience a new one last Friday. If for some reason you missed it, at least you can check out the new horror-movie-inspired black-and-white music video Mortals premiered at the show, featuring scenes filmed on location at the Acheron. “View from a Tower,” is off Mortals’ new album, Cursed to See the Future, out now on Relapse Records.

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Rocker-Writer Elizabeth Cline of Mortals Shreds Axe and Pen Alike


Brooklyn metal band, Mortals (Photo: Fred Pessaro)

The Brooklyn metal scene is thriving. “It’s really cool to see how many bands have done well coming out of Brooklyn in recent years,” metal guitarist Elizabeth Cline tells us. And her band, Mortals, is no exception.
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