(Photos: Cassidy Dawn Graves)

(Photos: Cassidy Dawn Graves)

Erik Zajaceskowski and Rachel Nelson, the husband and wife behind art/music space Secret Project Robot and hoppin’ Bushwick bar Happyfun Hideaway, are putting the finishing touches on their latest project, a tavern, cafe, and gallery on Dekalb Avenue, in that blurry area between Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. With the grand opening of Flowers For All Occasions set for Thursday evening, the smell of fresh wood still lingers in the air and there’s a bare back room of sorts where a “zine vending machine and cabinet of curiosities” will eventually stand.

As I’m checking things out, Erik comes in, gleefully brandishing a small sparkly object.

“Look!” he says with a grin. “Pink pepper spray!”

“These are the things you get excited about after five months of construction,” Rachel says.

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