RipNDip's pop-up on the LES (Photo: Courtesy of Wallplay)

RipNDip’s pop-up on the LES (Photo: Courtesy of Wallplay)

If you’ve been hanging around the Lower East Side lately, you may have been temporarily blinded by a bright cobalt-blue building on the corner of Orchard Street and Delancey. The vivid splash of color was a collaboration between the skate shop RipNDip and Wallplay, a creative agency that brings together artists and brands to develop site-specific installations. RipNDip’s pop-up skate shop was just one in a long series of projects that took over the space at 118 Orchard Street (remember Tim & Eric’s cult ceremony?). But now, with the building set to be demolished, Wallplay is having one last hurrah and inviting everyone to trash the place.
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