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Avril Lavigne’s Ghost, a Dirty Panties Musical, and More Performance Picks


(flyer via The Witness / Facebook)

The Witness
Thursday, March 9 at Superchief Gallery, 8 pm: $10

Tonight, witness this fine-tuned evening of powerhouse performance, live music, and installations from an array of artists working in movement, visual, and sound mediums. Curated by multidisciplinary gal Ariele Max (who will also be performing), the evening is comprised of hyper-sexual “inverted gospel” musician/performer Cole, choreographer and installation artist steeped in dystopian imagery Kathleen Dycaico, research and ritual-based artist Autumn Ahn, and musician/choreographer/etc Richard Kennedy.

It’ll cost you $10 to get in, but the price includes a full day of exploring Superchief Gallery, plus wine and the mysterious notion of “edible art.” Why touch the art when you can eat it? More →

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A Nice, Clean Convo With Potty Mouth, Playing Gigawatts Fest This Weekend

Potty Mouth (Photo Credit: Jesse Riggins).

Potty Mouth (Photo Credit: Jesse Riggins).

Who likes a Potty Mouth? That’s not just a line your mom says before grabbing the soap: it’s the name of one of the much buzzed about bands performing at Gigawatts Festival this Saturday. We rang up Abby Weems and Ally Einbinder to learn more about the punk-pop trio’s upcoming show and to find out if they’re ready to spring the follow-up to their well received last album, Hell Bent, released in 2013 by North Brooklyn’s own Old Flame Records. They were tight-lipped (rather than potty-mouthed) about that, but we did talk about their band crushes, translating life into lyrics, and mansplaining. Yes, they know how much that pedal costs and, yes, they know how to use it.

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