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Get Decked Out in Parisian Denim at 13 Bonaparte’s First-Ever US Pop-Up

(image courtesy of 13 Bonaparte)

Paris-based contemporary clothing label 13 Bonaparte is bringing its unique collection of apparel to America for the first time. Its pop-up shop opened yesterday, in response to a heightened demand from American customers. The pop-up will sell the brand’s midseason wardrobe and premiere its expanded le denim collection, which includes pieces designed specifically for women. More →

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C’est Brooklyn, Non? Parisian Bistro with Cult Following Popping Up in Billyburg

Le Verre Volé in Paris (Photo: Courtesy of Le Verre Volé's Facebook)

Le Verre Volé in Paris (Photo: Courtesy of Le Verre Volé/Facebook)

Still planning your Parisian summer getaway? You’re just tying up some loose strings before you can split town, right? Something something about misplacing your suitcase again, huh? Yeah, us too. Even if you’re sending out one more search party for your passport holder (never leave home without it!) and are pretty sure you’ll find it eventually– relax, stop making excuses and let Paris come to you!

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