Sure, we could eliminate that red eye, but... (Courtesy Noah and Nathan Rice)

Sure, we could eliminate that red eye, but… (Courtesy Noah and Nathan Rice)

Noah and Nathan Rice first started creating collages when they were in high school, and the 35-year-old twin brothers aren’t stopping anytime soon. Their forthcoming book, Cherry Park Lane, explores Quantum Physics and the great myths of Earth through a series of psychedelic collages. Photos such as a girl in various yoga poses are combined with cityscapes and haunting religious imagery to create what the twins describe as a working study. “The more we study, the more it unfolds in our images,” says Nathan. In anticipation of the Rice’s latest volume of work, director William Lazarus Wacker put together a teaser that gives the new Nine Inch Nails video, directed by David Lynch, a run for its money.
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