What’s it like to be a clothed extra at a porn shoot? How about a member of the most hated church in America? A carney? O.J. Simpson’s hired sidekick on a reality TV show? Harmon Leon’s gone undercover to get answers, and thank God he’s willing to do it because let’s face it, you couldn’t pay most sane people to join any of these grim demographics (welllll, maybe the porn extra, but Leon’s here to tell you you’d regret it.)

Leon has written about his adventures for VICE, published five books about them, and tours with his always-evolving one-man show, coming to The Unicorn Saturday and the Kraine Theater Tuesday. On stage he uses video and other multi-media elements to give audiences a close-up look at what it’s like to infiltrate of some of America’s most fascinating subcultures. Leon took a few minutes to chat with us about, yes, the aforementioned stunts, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg–he’s been doing this a long time.
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