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What in the World: BuzzFeed, Mashable and Vice

If you’ve managed to miss the somewhat obnoxious Vice/You Tube advertisements plastered all over the city (“YOU don’t just watch the news,” apparently), then let me fill you in: Vice Media, erstwhile counterculture teen zine from Montreal, is now valued at $1.4 billionand radically expanding its international coverage. Their recent Islamic State video series quickly went viral, and no doubt there’s more where that came from. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed and Mashable are also looking to edge into the global space. Join Louise Roug (Global News Editor, Mashable), Miriam Elder (Foreign Editor, Buzzfeed), and Jason Mojica (Editor in Chief, VICE News), for a conversation chaired by Amy O’Leary of the New York Times innovation team.

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Just in Time: A Broadly Speaking Event

Increasingly, workers in the restaurant and retail industry are at the mercy of “just in time” scheduling: a system that might seem dreamily flexible for 9-5 jobbers, but in fact makes already struggling workers even more vulnerable to job insecurity. Such a scheme (in which shifts are scheduled with little advance notice, and are subject to last-minute cancellation) allows companies to boost profits while removing the possibility of steady pay-checks for employees, and making childcare, further education and public assistance even more difficult to arrange. This New America NYCevent brings together Jodi Kantor (New York Times correspondent), Liza Mundy (author of The Richer Sex) and Melody Pabon (a former Zara cashier and now retail union member and activist), to discuss the challenges inherent in the rise of “just in time,” and possible policy approaches.

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Find Out What in the World Would Make VICE Leave the Williamsburg Bubble

IMG_9469-280x186If you’ve seen Page One, the doc about the New York Times, you’ll remember the tonguelashing media reporter David Carr gave Shane Smith when the VICE founder implied that the Grey Lady’s coverage of Liberia amounted to silly little pieces about surfing: “Just because you put on a fucking safari helmet,” growled Carr, “and looked at some poop doesn’t give you the right to insult what we do.”
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