Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 7.28.37 AMThe man behind EV Grieve is finally out and about in the East Village.
“Hello, my name is John Elsasser,” he posted last night, “and I have been running this website for the past eight years or so.”
The blogger had remained anonymous during all that time, even as he was quoted in the New York Times as a neighborhood authority and even as his site racked up links and plaudits from countless other mainstream media outlets. (Last year the Village Voice named EV Grieve the city’s Best Local Website and praised it for “breaking news about the East Village and providing a forum for brutally honest commentary from its current and former denizens.”)
Elsasser wrote that he had long thought about revealing his name, but dragged his feet. “However,” he wrote, “it seems easier now to make this disclosure, helped in part that a news site has designs on publishing a ‘Who is EVG?’ article in the days/weeks ahead.”’
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