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These All-Women Shows Bring Feminist Art of Now to Centerstage

Thirty years after the Guerrilla Girls put on their masks and started conducting “weenie counts,” women are still at a disadvantage in the art world. But — as we were reminded by “Girls at Night on the Internet,” a recent show highlighting female net and digi-artists — women are establishing their own, parallel structures of artistic legitimacy and supporting each other now more than ever. Three upcoming all-female art shows demonstrate that women (and female-identifying) artists are connecting across disciplines and taking charge of their own depiction possibly now more than ever.
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Natalie Eilbert reads from Conversations with the Stone Wife

Natalie Eilbert is aBrooklyn-based poet, whose work has appeared in Tin House and Guernica, among other publications. She’s just finished her first chapbook,Conversations with the Stone Wife, and will be reading selections to celebrate the debut. If you’re not an aspiring poet and have no idea what a “chapbook” is, the word refers to a small selection of poetry, often saddle-stitched into a manuscript, making it more amenable to a small print-run. Chapbooks frequently focus on one theme, circling around a central image. In Eilbert’s case, that image is supplied by the Venus of Willendorf, a nubile late-Paleolithic statuette found in Austria over a century ago. The poet uses the fleshy figurine as a starting point for meditations on body dysmorphia and the history of food issues, producing poems that are “artifacts of neuroses.” Read an extract here. Eilbert will be ably supported by Morgan ParkerMonica McClure and May-Lan Tan.