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Making Money: The Philosophy of Crisis Capitalism

Do you know what money is? You might think you do, but you probably don’t. You’ve actually probably never thought about it properly before. So here’s Ole Bjerg to the rescue, whose book Making Money: The Philosophy of Crisis Capitalism, delves into the big questions—what is money? where does it come from? who makes it? (not me, sigh)—and argues that we have entered a phase of “post-credit capitalism.” According to Slavoj Žižek, it’s an “explosive” read, “an absolutely indispensable guide through the labyrinth of economics” (it also happens to draw on Žižek’s theories). Join The Cultures of Finance Group at the NYU Institute for Public Knowledge, as they celebrate the US launch of the book with a panel discussion. (And you won’t have to spend any of the green stuff.)

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Good Talks: World Cup Buzzkill, a ‘Live Documentary,’ and Shakespeare Star Wars

Upcoming talks and readings. Because sometimes, you just want to watch C-3P0 soliloquize in Early Modern English.

Thursday, June 26

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Nathan Deuel and Friday was the Bomb
In 2008 Nathan Deuel, Village Voice and Rolling Stone editor, moved with his wife Kelly McEvers (a foreign correspondent) to Saudi Arabia. The couple’s first child had just been born when the Arab Spring erupted. McEvers was posted in Baghdad, while Deuel took his young daughter first to Istanbul and then Beirut. Friday was the Bomb: Five Years in the Middle East is Deuel’s first book, and an account of his time spent in the volatile region. Deuel will be reading from the memoir, taking questions, and signing copies.
7pm, WORD Bookstore (126 Franklin St, Greenpoint), Facebook RSVP requested but not required, FREE 
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