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Young, Colored, & Angry Brings Together Artists of Color, Takes Back Art Education

Elliott Brown and Ashley Syed (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Elliott Brown, Jr. and Ashley Rahimi Syed (Photo: Nicole Disser)

When I first heard about a one-off art show and serial online publication called Young, Colored & Angry, the name really stuck with me. There really couldn’t be a better moment to discuss such a fraught label. The term might not be instantly recognizable, but the implications are all too familiar particularly in the label’s application to protestors in various cities as of late. It can be used as a way to dismiss, delegitimize, and patronize grievances related to race relations in the U.S., particularly those between people of color and the police. But Young, Colored & Angry the publication–which, by the way, is run by two self-proclaimed young, colored, and angry individuals, 22-year-old Ashley Rahimi Syed and 21-year-old Elliott Brown, Jr.– is less explicitly about the now-politics of race and the police and more about the artistic expression that is inevitably steeped in similar experiences and other instances of discrimination.

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What in the World…

What in the world are Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Vice up to as they expand their international coverage? Amy O’Leary of The New York Times innovation teams talks to editors from all three media companies about their recent moves into the global space. On the panel are Louise Roug, Global News Editor of Mashable, Miriam Elder, Foreign Editor of Buzzfeed, and Jason Mojica, Editor in Chief of Vice. This is a free event sponsored by the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

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The Village Voice Is Leaving the Village… and Occupying Wall Street

Will the Voice take its letters to 80 Maiden Lane? (Photo: Phillip Pantuso)

Will 80 Maiden Lane soon look like this? (Photo: Phillip Pantuso)

In a move fittingly symbolic for a paper whose corporate overlords flew in to lay off some of its most venerated, tenured writers, the Village Voice is moving out of the Village — where it’s been, of course, since 1955 — to an office tower in the Financial District. The move is scheduled for sometime in August.

The new offices are located on the twenty-first floor of an office building at 80 Maiden Lane. Also in the building are the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York, the New York offices of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the Department of Investigation for the City of New York. According to a realtor at Winick Realty Group, the sandwich chain Jersey Mike’s will be opening its first Manhattan location in the building’s ground-floor retail space over the summer.
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