1364914171_MG_7643Whether you’re a hip-hop aficionado looking for a reason to day drink or a dance devotee looking for a reason to night shop, these two holiday markets have you covered.

Ibiza Love Child Pop-Up Weekender+
Nov. 28 to Dec. 3 and Dec. 14 to Dec. 25, from 4pm to midnight at Ibiza Love Child, 29 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg
While it ramps up for a grand opening in February, Ibiza Love Child has been doing pop-ups at Verboten while quietly operating by appointment only on other days. But starting Black Friday, designer Mary Wagman will invite holiday shoppers into her 2,500-square-foot warehouse – a “warm, yummy environment,” she assures us – so they can check out her private line as well as the funky duds she imports from that party mecca of Ibiza.
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