Matt-KoffEarlier this week at (Le) Poisson Rouge, Daily Show writer Matt Koff told a very East Village engagement story involving fro-yo, cats, and a trip to Halloween Adventure. Koff was the third of five readers at “How I Learned Breaking Up Is Hard to Do,” the latest iteration of the monthly “How I Learned” storytelling series hosted by Blaise Allysen Kearsley.

In 2006, Koff moved to NYC and found himself a girlfriend on MySpace. Three years later, they were on the phone and she asked, “Why aren’t we engaged yet?” Koff started saving up his unemployment checks to buy a ring — he’d recently been laid off from a proofreading agency — but quickly discovered that it was a lost cause. Instead, with his mom’s help, he got a diamond from his grandmother’s ring and paid for a new setting.
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