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Manhattan Is Getting a Matcha Cafe, Too

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

When MatchaBar opened in Williamsburg last month, it touted itself as the only matcha cafe in the city. But it won’t be for long. B+B contributor Jenna Marotta tipped us off to another one “opening soon” at 223 East Fourth Street.

Per a sign in the window of the sliver of a space between Avenues A and B, Matcha Bar Wabi will be selling shots of the trendy Japanese green tea, matcha lattes, and espresso and lattes made with beans roasted by Stone Street Coffee Company. There will also be sweets and green tea ice cream. Plus, a “local artists show” as well as classes like “Let’s Learn About Japanese Food,” “How to Make Specialty Coffee,” and more.

We’ll keep you posted as the opening date nears.