The term “Lynchian” tends to evoke the dark, off-center sensibility of its carefully-coiffed namesake. It’s an adjective that could be used similarly to describe the indomitable comic stylings of a fellow Lynch named Jane. In this sense, “Jane Lynchian” refers to a no-bullshit, straight shooter always willing to share what’s on her mind (from Guatemalan ex-lovers to cocaine breakfasts). More recently, Lynch – as the jumpsuit wearing, draconian coach Sue Sylvester on Glee – added “songstress” to that list. But don’t take my word for it. Next week at Joe’s Pub you’ll be able to experience all that is “Jane Lynchian” courtesy of her new show, “See Jane Sing.”

Having begun her career on stage, Lynch’s tiptoe back toward theater was inevitable. Following her successful portrayal of Sue Sylvester, Lynch was cast as the equally villainous Miss Hanningan in last year’s Broadway production of Annie. Soon after, Lynch was invited by 54 Below, a local cabaret club, to perform her “act.” Though she had nothing prepared, Lynch accepted, improvising with a handful of what she says are “songs I just liked.”

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