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Spymaster Secrets, Library Porn, and Broad City-Style Comedy

This week’s talks and readings: some heavy stuff, ending in laughs.

Wednesday, July 30

The Gatekeepers Screening
When The Gatekeepers was first released in 2012, NY Times film critic A.O. Scott recognized the Israeli documentary’s import. “It is hard,” he wrote, “to imagine a movie about the Middle East that could be more timely, more painfully urgent, more challenging to conventional wisdom on all sides of the conflict.” Several years later, as the war in Gaza stretches into its third week with no signs of abating, that urgency has if anything only become more pronounced. More →

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An Evening with Nir Evron

As the Israel-Palestine conflict is once again splashed across the international press, there was never a better time to become familiar with the work of Nir Evron. The Israeli filmmaker has long been fascinated with the physical architecture of the conflict, and this latest work—Endurance—is the third in his “Architectural Trilogy.” Each of the films centers on one particular building: for Endurance, that building is Rawabi, a residential gated community that also happens to be Palestine’s largest building project. Escape the often biased, rushed analysis of the mainstream media, and immerse yourself in Evron’s controversial, contemplative meditations on the construction of social and political histories. After the screening, New Museum Curator Lauren Cornell will moderate a Q&A with the artist.